28 April, 2008

Pictures from This Weekend

We got Adeline a Bumbo Seat and she LOVES it! It is great for us as well, she can sit with us when we eat as well as sit and watch TV or watch me fold clothes.

Grandma Mary Alice and Grandpa Dale came and visited yesterday. We went out to eat and hung out around the house. Here are some more pictures from this weekend.

12 April, 2008

Adeline is 3 Months Old!!

Holy cow, where has the time gone?? Adeline is 3 months old today. She is starting to get into a predictable routine, and she is smiling more and more. She is holding her head up like a champ, and she is trying to sit up! She is also trying to decide if she likes her fist or the pacifier better. She is adapting well to my gong to work, staying with Dad and her 2 great-aunts that live close. Me, on the other hand, not liking gonig back to work so much. It is a LOT harder to heave her than I ever thought it would be. Not becuase I don't think she is fine with others, but becuase she is my baby and I don't want to miss anything!!

My project for this month is to make Adeline and Kenzie quilts. We will see if it gets done! Also, we are going to try to get moved home with my Mom and Dad by the second week in May. I will be starting a new job in a more adult ER, and Jeremy has a new job as well. We will be so glad to be closer to family. Adeline needs her grandparents and great grandparents.

We are working on selling the house. We had a showing last night and have another one on Sunday. We are also having an open house next sunday. Hopefully that will help us get the ball rolling. Jeremy and I both agree that we wish we could just move this house to land closer to home, that would be ideal. But, since that technology has not been discovered yet, we will make do with selling this house and looking for one that is hopefully better closer to home.

Here are the most recent pictures: