17 November, 2011

Want vs Need During the Holidays

I have really been thinking about what to do for Christmas this year. I am fairly certain only a few people in my family actually NEED things. Sure, there is always stuff we want, but truly need? Not much.
The kids could use some new shoes. But they for sure do not need toys. They hardly play with what they have.
Jeremy and I? We really don't NEED anything. Sure, there are things we both want. But we don't need anything.
I just have a hard time thinking about all the people and kids with nothing. Nothing at all. In this time of excessive-ness and over-consumerism, it is SO easy to go overboard. Even when there are people in your neighborhood who are losing their house. Or feeding their kids rice and beans, or Ramen noodles, or peanut butter every meal because that's all they have. Or kids that don't have a winter coat, or shoes that fit or are in good repair.

Anyway, I guess my point is, try to give back a little bit. Even if you just buy a $10 coat and take it to your local shelter or church, or if you buy an extra 5 cans of beans, or whatever. Try to do something for others this holiday season.
The kids and I are choosing some ornaments from the Sponsor Tree at the YMCA tonight. And I am going to take the kids and have them pick out the presents, help wrap them and then give them to the desk at the Y. I really hope that by doing small things, I can teach them how to give back to others that truly need things.

02 November, 2011


It has been a long time since I have been here and a LOT has happened.

Job changes, life changes, family struggles. Lifestyle changes. The kids are getting big.

I am going to focus on the positive. A year ago this month, (give or take a couple weeks) my BFF Jess said to me "You really should start drinking Diet Coke". Fairly certain I looked at her like she was CRAZY. In the course of the next month, I started counting calories, watching WHAT went in my mouth, drinking Diet Coke! and started training for a 10K. Which at the time, I thought was a totally unreasonable goal.

Fast forward to May of this year. I had lost over 20 lbs, Jess had lost more than that! and we ran the Original Mud Run!! A 10 K with over 79 obstacles, all in the woods, MUD and water. We were NOT in it to WIN it, we were in it to FINISH it, which we did with flying colors. It was a fantastic day that we shared with friends and family.

I am shocked that I have stuck with this lifestyle change for a year. I am still going to the gym at least 2 days a week, sometimes 3 or 4, and running on at least one other day. You are talking to someone who had never run more than an 800M dash in her LIFE. And that (I thought at the time) was pure TORTURE. I am now doing Zumba for an hour twice a week, doing strength training 2 days and running 3.5 miles another day.

I have gone from a size 10-12 pants to a size 4-6 pants. I am wearing a medium shirt. a MEDIUM! And sometimes that is too big. I am stronger than I have been in a LONG time. I have more energy, I have more patience. I also have a renewed outlook that ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind to it.

My new goal for 2012? A sprint triathlon! I am focusing on strength training this fall and then starting the hardcore swim training in the spring, and then adding biking. Hoping to FINISH in August. I also have some body fat percent goals that I am working on and hope to get stronger as well.

I would never have thought any of this was really possible a year ago. I thought my days of being fit and not fat were over after having 2 kids 15 mos apart. Come to find, I just needed the right people in my life to push me and support me and be there for me and to find the place in myself where *I* knew I could do it.

Thank you so much to Jess, Jeremy, Kelly E, Robyn, and ALL my other friends and family for sticking by me, telling me I looked great, helping me learn how to push myself again and loving me no matter what. The only regret I have? Not taking before pictures!!