22 May, 2008

Roll Over!!

Adeline rolled over today from her stomach to her back!! She was laying on a play mat on her tummy for tummy time, I went to put some clothes away and heard her fussing and went back in there and she had rolled over!!
Wow. That is pretty early!! I am trying to post some pictures from the last couple of weeks and am having some trouble with the computer. So I will keep trying!

20 May, 2008

From my Front Porch Looking In. . .

Here are some pics from my Mom and Dad's house. THe front porch is probably my favorite part of the house. I spent a LOT of time on the porch swing as a kid, watching stomrs,talking on the phone, just hanging out. Now I am rocking Adeline on the front porch too!!

14 May, 2008

Adeline Marie is 4 Months Old!!

Well, Adeline is growing so fast!! She holds her head up great, love to sit in the Bumbo seat, and is very talkative and verbal about what she wants. She squeals, laughs, coos and has BIG smiles!!

It is great to be here with my Mom and Dad and so much closer to Jeremy's mom and grandma, as well as my sister and the rest of my family.