15 November, 2007

Two months from today

Is our due date!!
It has really gone pretty fast, althought if you would have asked me that 2 months in, I would have told you I thought it was going to take forever!!
Shower this weekend at home in IL.
We had our 31 week appointment on Tues. BP was fine, I passed my glucose test, and I am not anemic (yea!). We also had a repeat ultrasound. She weighs 3 lbs, 8oz!! The two echogenic foci were still in her heart, but no one seems concerned (they say as long as it is an isolated finding, everything should be fine). Otherwise, she actually looked pretty cramped. . .I told her she still has a ways to go, she can't be that cramped yet! She was holding her feet in front of her face, it was actually pretty cute, but we could not get a good face pic.
Oh, and she is for sure a girl!
I will be back to add picutres, it may not be until after the weekend and I have pics from the shower and belly pics both. . .

02 November, 2007

MRSA--really, come on now!!

Ok, so since the MRSA media frenzy, I have had so many families come in and worry that MRSA is going to kill their child.
Valid concern, if your child has been getting MRSA abscesses/boils/pimples, whatever you want to call them, and has a fever, is lethargic, etc.
But when you kid is absolutely fine minus some pus??? Really.
OK vent over and now for some real information.
MRSA is a bacteria from the staph family. NOT a virus. NOT airborne. Able to be killed with 10% household bleach solution. And Lever 2000 Soap, don't ask me what they put in their soap to make it kill MRSA, it just does, lol! MRSA has been a big deal in health care for well over a decade. We do all we can to keep from passing it, yet sometimes it happens.
People who are most at risk include the elderly, immune compromised and those with chronic health conditions (who are in and out of hospitals a lot) for the serious life-threatening MRSA sepsis (blood infection). If you have a major surgical or traumatic wound that gets a MRSA infection, that is bad.
But a surface pimple/boil is not going to kill you. Yes, they are expensive, difficult to treat in children and frankly pretty gross. But as long are your immune system is able to fight it off, you have nothing to worry about.

I wish the media would have done a better job of giving some facts with their reports. All anyone not in the medical field heard was "Killer MRSA". And with all the concern for the bird flu, anthrax, and other really really bad diseases, I understand . But they should have provided information with explanation, not just fear-inducing headlines.
That is all. Any questions, feel free to post a reply or email me.