15 November, 2007

Two months from today

Is our due date!!
It has really gone pretty fast, althought if you would have asked me that 2 months in, I would have told you I thought it was going to take forever!!
Shower this weekend at home in IL.
We had our 31 week appointment on Tues. BP was fine, I passed my glucose test, and I am not anemic (yea!). We also had a repeat ultrasound. She weighs 3 lbs, 8oz!! The two echogenic foci were still in her heart, but no one seems concerned (they say as long as it is an isolated finding, everything should be fine). Otherwise, she actually looked pretty cramped. . .I told her she still has a ways to go, she can't be that cramped yet! She was holding her feet in front of her face, it was actually pretty cute, but we could not get a good face pic.
Oh, and she is for sure a girl!
I will be back to add picutres, it may not be until after the weekend and I have pics from the shower and belly pics both. . .

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