20 March, 2009

It's Officially Spring!!!!

Ok, so it may not be too warm yet but at least spring is really here.
Mother Nature will probably be mean to us now and say that we are going to have 90 degree days in May. . . .who knows.
The weather has been SO wacky lateley, I dont' know what to expect.
But Hello Spring!!
Oh, and on another note, less than 90 days until the baby arrives. . .I don't know how ready I am yet, but I am sure it will be fine!

16 March, 2009

IKEA Trip!!

So today, Adeline and I went to IKEA close to Cincinnati, OH with Tracie and Tyler! It was a fun day, Tyler was NOT happy on the way out, but other than that, both kids were very well behaved and happy. I found bedding for both the New Guy and Adeline, and I think I found a bed for Adeline too (but I want Jeremy to see it). Hopefully we can make a trip back and pick up a few more things.
We also went to the Gap clearance outlet. That was interesting! I got a few things for Adeline, a couple t shirts for me and some polo shirts for Jeremy. Oh and the New Guy got 2 shirts as well. I would have been able to find more I think if I would not have been pregnant, but oh well.
Here is what I got at IKEA!! The chair is Adeline's upstiars chair. She has been LOVING to climb onto everything and she will climb into the big armchair and sit. I wanted to get her a Pottery Barn Kids chair, but this one is VERY cute and it was cheaper! She likes it for sure. The other things I got were 2 tubes of balls for her to play with, 2 packages of "burp cloths" that I will probably use for about a million other things too(they are really more like light receiving blankets) and a set of small bowels for Adeline. It was a great trip, and makes me whine for the day when they FINALLY have one here in Indiana!! I have to say, this trip was WAY easier than going to either IKEA in Chicago though!

12 March, 2009

14 Months Old!!

I can't believe it. Adeline is 14 mos old!
She is scribbling with crayons(with her RIGHT hand), saying "mama, dada, dog, fish(new this week, lol), drink" and I am sure about a hundred other things she knows the meaning of and we don't! She knows where all her clothes go, and how to take off most things if we start them for her. She is sleeping MUCH better, some nights close to 9 hours in a row. I can handle that! Much better than 3 or 4 hours. She also has 4 teeth! She got them all at the same time, and in about 3 days. She wasn't that grumpy, but had a pretty bad runny nose and cough.
She weighs 19 and a half pounds. She is still in 9 mos clothes, I am buying her 12-18 mos for the summer, lol!
She is also going up and down the stairs on her own! We worked on that this week and I think she's got the hang of it. I still don't trust her when we arn't right there, but at least I don't have to carry her EVERY time!!
She is also still nursing 1-2 times a day. I am SO glad. I am not going to make her stop just because the New Guy is coming. I figure she will stop on her own time. No big deal there.
She also loves books. She will bring you a book and tug and fuss at you until you stop what you are doing and read to her. Once again, I don't have a problem with that.

01 March, 2009

More sewing. . .

Sooo, part of my nesting this pregnancy must be sewing. I have been on a sewing BINGE lately. Here are some of the things I have finished: A sock monkey rag lap quilt(which is also crib size) and a mei tai (asian baby carrier). I also have almost all the pieces cut out for another rag quilt for the New Guy.

Here are a couple of pictures of Adeline! She is getting SO big! My next project is to get her to be able to go up and down the stairs on her own (because I can't carry 2 of them up and down!!)