30 December, 2008

Wrinkley Nose!

Here is Adeline wrinkling her nose. Apparently, I wrinkled my nose JUST like this when I was a baby. She does it when she is in between smiling and laughing. It is pretty cute! She is pretty much running around keeping us on our toes.

Adeline 11 mos 021

21 December, 2008

Christmas with the Tucker Family

We had Christmas at Katie and Landon's a little early this year.
Katie, Landon, Kenzie, me and Jeremy, Grandma and Grandpa Tucker and Grandma Alice and Grandpa Hobie were all there.
We went early, because Katie had to work that evening. The girls ahd a great time! They were more excited about running around and playing with each other and the things that were already open than helping open presents.
It was a great afternoon! Both Katie and Landon and Jeremy and I got viedo cameras!! Very excited about these. . . especially with #2 on the way!

Jill, Katie, Adeline and Kenzie
Adeline 11 mos 144

Grandparents with Grandaughters!
Adeline 11 mos 138