30 December, 2008

Wrinkley Nose!

Here is Adeline wrinkling her nose. Apparently, I wrinkled my nose JUST like this when I was a baby. She does it when she is in between smiling and laughing. It is pretty cute! She is pretty much running around keeping us on our toes.

Adeline 11 mos 021

21 December, 2008

Christmas with the Tucker Family

We had Christmas at Katie and Landon's a little early this year.
Katie, Landon, Kenzie, me and Jeremy, Grandma and Grandpa Tucker and Grandma Alice and Grandpa Hobie were all there.
We went early, because Katie had to work that evening. The girls ahd a great time! They were more excited about running around and playing with each other and the things that were already open than helping open presents.
It was a great afternoon! Both Katie and Landon and Jeremy and I got viedo cameras!! Very excited about these. . . especially with #2 on the way!

Jill, Katie, Adeline and Kenzie
Adeline 11 mos 144

Grandparents with Grandaughters!
Adeline 11 mos 138

21 November, 2008

Sleeping soundly. .

This is how I found Adeline and Jeremy when I got home from work tonight!
They must have been pretty tired. . .

Adeline 11 mos 001

10 November, 2008

Family Pcitures!

Here are our family pictures a little late.
Done by Creative Portraits by Jodi in Greenup. She does GREAT work!

B&W Name

Dress Mommy Made! My first actual piece of clothing I have sewn.
Dress Mommy Made2



20 October, 2008

Number Two is on the way!


Adeline is gong to be a big sister!

Around about June, give or take a few days. I am feeling pretty good, MUCH more sick than the last time and of course chasing around a WALKING (yes, WALKING!) 9 month old does not help things.
We are excited, and are glad to be back in Indianapolis.
I am going back to work at Riley in the Emergency Department and Jeremy will be staying home with Adelnie for a while.
We missed Indy more than we thought we would!

Anyway, that is our big news. More to come at a later date!

30 September, 2008

Sisters and Babies!

Jill, Katie, Adeline and Kenzie

Adeline and Kenzie

Kenzie and Adeline!
Adeline is standing on her own and trying to take steps. SO big!
She weighs about 15 lbs and is still in 3 mos clothes. We are still living with Mom and Dad, but we are debating moving back to Indianapolis. Our house is not selling and we are getting pretty cramped over here. It has been SO great to have everyone so close and we are very thankful to have had the time close to everyeone.

27 September, 2008

To the Orchard

We went with Brian and Sarah to the apple orchard this Saturday. It was a blast! We got to pick our own apples and wander through the pumpkin patch. We had cider and apple goodies, then went home. It was a fun afternoon!

Adeline and the Pumpkin

Adeline in the Beco

So BIg!!

I love my Beco!

01 September, 2008

New Babyhawk!

New Babyhawk2, originally uploaded by jvaughnRN.

Love this carrier. Adeline likes it too!
I am a huge fan of wearing her insead of chasing her arould places and it keeps her up and interacting with everyone!

07 August, 2008

7 Months!

Adeline 7mos 062, originally uploaded by jvaughnRN.

7 Months Already!

Adeline 7mos 103, originally uploaded by jvaughnRN.

SO big!
Shorties by Milli. We are still staying with Mom and Dad, still working night shift. Adeline is pulling up and walking around things.
Still no teeth yet.

08 July, 2008

Adeline had a doctor's appointment today!
She now weighs 12 lbs, 13 oz and is 24 inches long. She is in the 15th percentile for weight, the 40th for height and the 70th for head circumference (I think, I may have the last 2 mixed up, lol!)
She also got caught up on her shots, poor baby. It was no fun for either of us.
I really like the new pediatrician, Dr. Stoltz. He was very calming and non-alarmist. The only thing was, I wish he would have put Adeline on something for her reflux, it is awful!! He did confirm that she for sure has reflux, and we are doing all the right things!! Maybe it would help her sleep at night, she is still only sleeping at the most a 3-4 hour stretch for me and nowhere near that for her Dad.
The new job is still just all right, not fantastic. I sure do miss my job at Riley but I am so glad to be closer to the family.
I can't put up any pictures for a while, apparently I have been uploading too many, we were about to the top of our bandwidth(I think that is what it is called!) for the month, so I will have to put some up sometime!

04 July, 2008

Roll Over!!

So Adeline is rolling both ways now, from back to tummy and tummy to back.
She does not really care about it though. She really likes to get up on her hands and knees and sit, I am sure she is going to just take off any day now!!
She is NOT liking her mommy being gone at night. It is really hard on Dad, and I am sure Grandma and Grandpa too.
She is really starting to show preference for people: Me, her Dad, grandma and grandpa and great grandparents for sure. She greets ALL of them with a huge smile, and seems to know strangers more now.
All right, back to work, more later!!

22 June, 2008

So Big!!!

Adeline has started to really bloom in front of our eyes!!
She is sitting up now for a min by herself, she is really grabbing things and has figured out how to get them to her mouth, she is starting to get upset when Jeremy or I leave the room.

She can roll all the way up on her side, and alllllmost over, then she usually falls back onto her back or tummy. She stands up like a big girl on your lap or the table, and she loves to chew on whatever she can get her hands on!

She watches the dogs like they are going to dissapear or something. We think her first word will be "dog-dog"! She love any dog of any size, shape or color!!

That is the update from us. No news on the house yet. We are still living with Mom and Dad in Greenup. I am trying to get my orientation over at work, but am still plugging along. It is hard on Jeremy when I work nights, because Adeline has started to not want to sleep when I am gone. Uhg. I will try to have new pictures soon!!

10 June, 2008

More Pictures of Adeline

June2008 089

June2008 084

June2008 080

June2008 021

June2008 020

June2008 015

Flood of 2008

June2008 071

June2008 074

June2008 044

June2008 057

Here are some pictures of the flood from around Greenup, IL. The largest measured flood up until now was in 1957, and this year the river was 30 inches deeper, best anyone can tell. Wow. These were taken after some of the water had gone down, just a bit, we were in a state of emergency the day before and could not get out to see everything.

06 June, 2008

June Already???

Where has the time gone?? We are still staying with Mom and Dad, and boy it is interesting! When Katie and Kenzie are here, that makes 7 people and 2 dogs. Whew!!
Mom and Dad are going to Branson next week for their anniversary, so Jeremy and I will have the house to ourselves for a while.

Adeline is growing quick!! She will get her next shots soon, and she is starting to be REALLY interested in table food. But she still looooooooves her Mommy milk too. I am trying to decide whether to start her on cereal or not yet. . last night she slept from 11pm to 4AM, that is almost a record for her!

It is great to be back in the area, we are seeing a lot of my friends and family as well as Jeremy's family a lot. It is GREAT!! Jeremy is starting to get used to the area, and to know more people. Our directTV was hooked up this week YEA!! That makes it better too. . .Mom and Dad were enjoying it before Jeremy even got home!

We will be making quite a few trips back to Indy this month, as well as lots and lots of weekend plans. We have a baby shower, a wedding, and two birthday parties this month. Whew!

We have had quite a few looks on our house in Indy, but no takers yet. I am not getting paranoid yet, ask me around Christmastime and then I will be getting worried.

Our friends Matt and Leslie are expecting!! Baby Taggart will be here around late December and we are so happy for them. Congrats Matt and Leslie!!!!!

22 May, 2008

Roll Over!!

Adeline rolled over today from her stomach to her back!! She was laying on a play mat on her tummy for tummy time, I went to put some clothes away and heard her fussing and went back in there and she had rolled over!!
Wow. That is pretty early!! I am trying to post some pictures from the last couple of weeks and am having some trouble with the computer. So I will keep trying!

20 May, 2008

From my Front Porch Looking In. . .

Here are some pics from my Mom and Dad's house. THe front porch is probably my favorite part of the house. I spent a LOT of time on the porch swing as a kid, watching stomrs,talking on the phone, just hanging out. Now I am rocking Adeline on the front porch too!!

14 May, 2008

Adeline Marie is 4 Months Old!!

Well, Adeline is growing so fast!! She holds her head up great, love to sit in the Bumbo seat, and is very talkative and verbal about what she wants. She squeals, laughs, coos and has BIG smiles!!

It is great to be here with my Mom and Dad and so much closer to Jeremy's mom and grandma, as well as my sister and the rest of my family.

28 April, 2008

Pictures from This Weekend

We got Adeline a Bumbo Seat and she LOVES it! It is great for us as well, she can sit with us when we eat as well as sit and watch TV or watch me fold clothes.

Grandma Mary Alice and Grandpa Dale came and visited yesterday. We went out to eat and hung out around the house. Here are some more pictures from this weekend.

12 April, 2008

Adeline is 3 Months Old!!

Holy cow, where has the time gone?? Adeline is 3 months old today. She is starting to get into a predictable routine, and she is smiling more and more. She is holding her head up like a champ, and she is trying to sit up! She is also trying to decide if she likes her fist or the pacifier better. She is adapting well to my gong to work, staying with Dad and her 2 great-aunts that live close. Me, on the other hand, not liking gonig back to work so much. It is a LOT harder to heave her than I ever thought it would be. Not becuase I don't think she is fine with others, but becuase she is my baby and I don't want to miss anything!!

My project for this month is to make Adeline and Kenzie quilts. We will see if it gets done! Also, we are going to try to get moved home with my Mom and Dad by the second week in May. I will be starting a new job in a more adult ER, and Jeremy has a new job as well. We will be so glad to be closer to family. Adeline needs her grandparents and great grandparents.

We are working on selling the house. We had a showing last night and have another one on Sunday. We are also having an open house next sunday. Hopefully that will help us get the ball rolling. Jeremy and I both agree that we wish we could just move this house to land closer to home, that would be ideal. But, since that technology has not been discovered yet, we will make do with selling this house and looking for one that is hopefully better closer to home.

Here are the most recent pictures:

29 March, 2008

Pictures for Grandmas!!

Here are some more pictures of Adeline.
I have to go back to work tomorrow. NOT looking forward to it. I will let you know how it goes.