06 June, 2008

June Already???

Where has the time gone?? We are still staying with Mom and Dad, and boy it is interesting! When Katie and Kenzie are here, that makes 7 people and 2 dogs. Whew!!
Mom and Dad are going to Branson next week for their anniversary, so Jeremy and I will have the house to ourselves for a while.

Adeline is growing quick!! She will get her next shots soon, and she is starting to be REALLY interested in table food. But she still looooooooves her Mommy milk too. I am trying to decide whether to start her on cereal or not yet. . last night she slept from 11pm to 4AM, that is almost a record for her!

It is great to be back in the area, we are seeing a lot of my friends and family as well as Jeremy's family a lot. It is GREAT!! Jeremy is starting to get used to the area, and to know more people. Our directTV was hooked up this week YEA!! That makes it better too. . .Mom and Dad were enjoying it before Jeremy even got home!

We will be making quite a few trips back to Indy this month, as well as lots and lots of weekend plans. We have a baby shower, a wedding, and two birthday parties this month. Whew!

We have had quite a few looks on our house in Indy, but no takers yet. I am not getting paranoid yet, ask me around Christmastime and then I will be getting worried.

Our friends Matt and Leslie are expecting!! Baby Taggart will be here around late December and we are so happy for them. Congrats Matt and Leslie!!!!!

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