22 June, 2008

So Big!!!

Adeline has started to really bloom in front of our eyes!!
She is sitting up now for a min by herself, she is really grabbing things and has figured out how to get them to her mouth, she is starting to get upset when Jeremy or I leave the room.

She can roll all the way up on her side, and alllllmost over, then she usually falls back onto her back or tummy. She stands up like a big girl on your lap or the table, and she loves to chew on whatever she can get her hands on!

She watches the dogs like they are going to dissapear or something. We think her first word will be "dog-dog"! She love any dog of any size, shape or color!!

That is the update from us. No news on the house yet. We are still living with Mom and Dad in Greenup. I am trying to get my orientation over at work, but am still plugging along. It is hard on Jeremy when I work nights, because Adeline has started to not want to sleep when I am gone. Uhg. I will try to have new pictures soon!!

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