08 August, 2010

01 August, 2010

Happy International Breastfeeding Week!!

I am a proud tandem nursing mother. I am also a RN who has worked in a LOT of different places. Nursing, let alone tandem nursing is not always promoted or endorsed in the medical field.
I have been nursing both Adeline and Liam since Liam was born. I am hoping to nurse Adeline until she is 3 and Liam for just as long.

I have also been a full-time RN working outside the home 36+ hrs/week. Pumping full-time while out of the house is not easy. Worrying that you are not keeping up with the ounces that your baby is drinking, and are you eating/drinking enough to keep your milk supply up. Can you get away for long enough to pump every 3-4 hours while being out of the house for 14+ hrs/day sometimes? And now I am working 24 hr shifts. I pump with both a Medela Symphony and a Medela Freestyle, depending on which pump I have access to. I store all my own milk and use Medela Pump and Save bags. I have used Lansinoh freezer bags as well, but Jeremy like the Medela ones better; he says they are easier to pour from one-handed.

I can't even begin to list all the reasons I love to nurse my kids. It has saved us SO MUCH MONEY. Thousands of dollars, I am sure. It has made me connect to my kids in a way I never thought was possible. It has made Adeline appreciate her brother, and learn to share one of the things that is most important to her. It has decreased the risks for asthma, allergies, SIDS, obesity,constipation, cancer and illness in both my kids. It has increased their IQ, sight, brain development and immune system. I love the closeness it brings to all 3 of us. It is also the easiest way to get 2 under 2 to bed in less than 30 min!

Liam has never had any formula. Adeline got supplemented with soy formula when I got pregnant with Liam. I am also very proud to say that right now I am donating milk to another local mom who has to go back to work so her baby can have breastmilk while she gets her freezer supply up.

I am also very blessed to have a family who has been nothing but supportive of breastfeeding and never pressured me to give either of my kids a bottle or formula, even thought it would have been easier for THEM. They never once complained about not getting to feed the baby.

Hopefully before the end of the week, I will have some tandem nursing pics to post for you!