16 March, 2009

IKEA Trip!!

So today, Adeline and I went to IKEA close to Cincinnati, OH with Tracie and Tyler! It was a fun day, Tyler was NOT happy on the way out, but other than that, both kids were very well behaved and happy. I found bedding for both the New Guy and Adeline, and I think I found a bed for Adeline too (but I want Jeremy to see it). Hopefully we can make a trip back and pick up a few more things.
We also went to the Gap clearance outlet. That was interesting! I got a few things for Adeline, a couple t shirts for me and some polo shirts for Jeremy. Oh and the New Guy got 2 shirts as well. I would have been able to find more I think if I would not have been pregnant, but oh well.
Here is what I got at IKEA!! The chair is Adeline's upstiars chair. She has been LOVING to climb onto everything and she will climb into the big armchair and sit. I wanted to get her a Pottery Barn Kids chair, but this one is VERY cute and it was cheaper! She likes it for sure. The other things I got were 2 tubes of balls for her to play with, 2 packages of "burp cloths" that I will probably use for about a million other things too(they are really more like light receiving blankets) and a set of small bowels for Adeline. It was a great trip, and makes me whine for the day when they FINALLY have one here in Indiana!! I have to say, this trip was WAY easier than going to either IKEA in Chicago though!

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Mommy's Boot Camp said...

Very jealous... you didn't call... Glad it was a great day