28 January, 2009

Snow Day Sewing

So, we got a FOOT of snow yesterday and the day before, and Jeremy stayed home from work. We all stayed in and did not leave the house, it was GREAT! to have a Saturday in the middle of the week.
I did some sewing. I made a blanket for the new baby with green minkee on one side and the other side was alien flannel. Very cute. Still trying to find some cute boy fabric, that is on my to do list for the next few weeks.

The next thing I did was make a seat cover/seat pad and handle cover for my (Adeline's) new Phil and Teds Stroller! The doubles kit is on it's way, and then it will work for both of them. I am SO excited about this stroller. And the best part is, I sold a bunch of stuff we did not need to pay for it!

So here is the cover. LOVE the way it turned out. It is waterproof as well, I added a layer of shower curtain in between the layers of fabric. The back is brown fleece, I did not take a pic of it.
Stay tuned, when I do the one for the doubles kit, I will do a tutorial. I thought about it halfway thru this time.

Phil and Teds with Cover!

Handlebar Cover

She likes it!

1 comment:

kbuckley said...

This is very nice. You did a great
job showing people how to make one. Keep up the good work.
And Addy seems to like it to!!!
Love Kim