25 March, 2010

New Diaper Bag

that is finally perfect for 2 that are 2 and under.
I have had an awful time finding something I like and that work for us.
This is a Cevan Metro Bag from Allen Ave. They also make super cute stuffed animals!
I would say the bag is the size of a nice carry on. It is also made from coated cotton canvas and is VERY sturdy and a little stiff. I am sure it will get softer after I break it in.
It has 3 toy loops that snap shut, one on either end and one on the inside. I thought about putting a paci pod on one, but I have plenty of pockets to put the extra pacis in.
It has 4 nice feet on the bottom to keep it from sitting on the floor. One of my "must have" features.
It holds everything I carry every day with plenty of room to add a few things for an all-day trip. Granted, I am a heavy packer, but I like to have a little room too!
I would like to find something else to put the kids' change of clothes in that is a little more compact, but this will do for now.
Oh and check out the fantastic giraffe print changing pad I made to match. It looks great!
Can you believe, me, the bag-a-holic, this is only the 2nd bag I have bought since Liam has been born? I have looked at a TON and this is the first one I have found that fits the bill.
I love the adjustable dividers in the main compartment, as well as all the pockets. The front has a great changing pad area. The smaller front compartment has more pockets and a nice mesh pocket. The product info states that it is fully insulated, have not had a chance to check that out though. OK, time for the pics!
Click to make bigger/see notes.
New changing pad to match bag!

New changing pad made by me.

All the stuff I carry (told you I was an overpacker!)
Contense of Allen Ave diaper bag

Front Pocket
Front pocket of Allen Ave bag

Main pocket
Main pocket of Allen Ave bag

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