22 April, 2010

Happy Earth Day! Grobaby Review!!

Happy Earth Day 2010, everyone!!
Here at the Vaughn house, we try to do a few things to protect the Earth.
I love our free curbside recycling of cans, plastic, steel, and paper.
I also take all our corrogated cardboard to the Greenwood Library; it is recycled and serves as a fundraiser for the library.
I have been trying to use my re-useable shopping bags more (we love Chico Bags)
Also, we cloth diaper! I love my cloth diapers. We are using the Gro-baby system right now.
It has a waterproof outer shell and a snap-in organic cotton cloth liner or a bio-soaker disposable liner.

I am LOVING it! It fits both Liam 10 mos, 15-16 lbs and Adeline 2 yrs, 25 lbs well.
The velcro/aplix is super stick without being scratchy and super adjustable. The 3 snap rise is well-placed. Liam is on the middle setting, but would fit on the smallest setting and Adeline usually wears it all the way unsnapped, but I could place her in the middle setting as well if I had to.

Here are some pics!

Gro Baby shell with Disposable Insert
Grobaby with sposie insert

Shell with Cloth Insert
Grobaby w/ cloth insert.

Adeline in Gro Baby with Cloth Insert
Adeline in GroBaby-back/side

Adeline in Grobaby Front

Liam in Gro Baby with Cloth Insert
Grobaby Action!

Liam in Grobaby

Grobaby back

Any other questions, or want more pics, let me know!

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