04 October, 2013

Moving, slacking, and renewed motivation.

Lots of changes in the last few months. Sold a house, moved into storage and a TEENY apartment.Adeline started school. Bought a new house. Attempting to finish moving into it as we speak.
Decided to do a half marathon in the middle of all this.Yep, I've lost it.

Went on a sewing retreat, which was awesome! SewingSummit 2013 was fantastic. Met new friends, met old friends in person for the first time. Worked out one day while I was there, and learned that 4,000 feet of altitude sure makes a difference on how you feel when you run!

Got home. Fell off the wagon. Hadn't been grocery shopping, so started eating out all the time, or making whatever was easy (nugget and mac n cheese anyone?). Hadn't been working out because everything else was in my face needing to be done. Boxes EVERYWHERE!
Decided that maybe I wouldn't do the half marathon in a month. Until one of my friends asked me about it. Told her I'd inadvertently taken almost 2 weeks off and I was probably done. She told me "NO! You can do this!! You might hurt afterwords, but you CAN do it."

So the for the next month it's ON. I will run. Even if it means (GASP) getting up in the AM early. I will eat healthy. And let's face it, I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I eat healthy anyway. I will do strength training at work. It's a great way to make my runs easier, and I love working out in a group. And I don't lose any time with my kids because it's on my lunch hour!

I will post my race day pics here. You will probably get an update before then! I'm nervous, but I think anyone who does their first half marathon is nervous (or they should be!)

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Janelle @ Emmaline Bags said...

HI Jill, found your link on your post on the Sewing Summit thread...! Well, way to go - your first post of 2013, and a great running goal. Congrats on your decision to move ahead with the blog. Whichever direction it goes, I'll be looking forward to reading more. When I think of you, I think of a cool chick, rockin' a handmade bag, holding a home brewed beer ;) Janelle