22 September, 2007

Hey Everyone!!

What is up? It is a beautiful Saturday in the Midwest.
I am trying to get this blogging thing going again. Hopefully I will be more successful this time!
My sister and I are both having babies in the spring, me in January and her in February, only 4 weeks apart! It is going to be a wild ride. She has been the sick one where I have felt pretty good.
I am going to start working on the baby's crib bedding this weekend. Hopefully will get all the material cut out and begin to sew it together. Then with whatever I have left, I am going to make some fun stuff. . .like a changing pad cover and burp cloths and other mis baby stuff.
I will post some pics as soon as I get anything done!
Work is starting to get crazy. It has started to be like the winter already (which means really busy with no end in sight). Yesterday all day, we had a full ER and kids in the waiting room. They just kept coming. . .8 hr days are looking pretty good!! We will see how much longer I can go working 12 hour days and not getting to leave the unit for supper! The schedule after the planner that is out now I WILL BE ON MATERNITY LEAVE!! So there is an end in sight, and everyone else (there are 6 of us pregnant people left) is still going strong, so I can just take inspiration from them!

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