26 September, 2007

Work. . .yea.. . . .

Do I love my job?? Yes. Does it wear me out? Yes. Do I daydream about doing something TOTALLY different? Yes.

On that note, let me tell you that I have very seriously considered changing jobs. Whether that may be home to IL to the ED in the hosptial where I was a baby nurse, or pursuing an education job with more flexible hours and maybe some work from home. . . .I don't know yet.
And maybe it's just becuse I'm pregnant, who knows. I do know that my fuse is A LOT shorter now. . .I just get really frustrated a lot easier. And I want things done NOW. . . .not in an hour, not in fifteen minuets, I want them DONE. . . so part of that is probaby hormones.

My sweet neighbor Carla and I spent the 4 hrs after I got off work in (my) ED with her daughter who had been throwing up all day. . .we gave her some fluids and she felt SO much better! But that made me pretty tired today, and my plan was to shampoo carpets, but Jeremy took the shampooer to work with him in the car(oops!). So I guess I won't to do that today!
Oh well, sitting and resting sounds good. . . .

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bleyes12000 said...

You will do just great at anything you try! I have faith in you.Try to be good to yourself and get a little rest. you will need it in just a few short months. Try to stop and smell the roses!!!!
Love Kim