15 September, 2009

So, what have we been up to?

Crazyness, that's what!
I am going to try to turn this into a photo-blog, because I can hardly keep up with anything but pictures, and Flickr makes it easy to blog pictures as I upload them.

I am trying to sew some clothes for the kids for winter. I finished Liam's first outfit last night, have one more to do, as well as a hoodie for Adeline and (hopefully) some pants for both kids.

I have also been hosting some group buys for a Yahoo group. What was I thinking, lol!

Liam is now 3 mos old and weighs over 10 lbs! Adeline still is stalled at 22 lbs, and is learning SO much every day. Right now, she loves to wash her hands and play in the water.

Liam is holding his head up great and working on gaining weight. He is also starting to coo and smile!

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