30 September, 2009

To G or not to G, that is the question. . .

So, I have been pondering G-Diapers. I really really miss cloth diapers, but as it is, I am hard pressed to keep up with regular laundry for all of us, let alone cloth diaper laundry. G-diapers seem to be a great in the middle solution.

I have not tried them. I had some at one point for Adeline and when she was so tiny as a baby, I got rid of them before I tried them. Also, I was loving cloth diapers then as well, so that makes a difference.

I think I will get 2 starter kits, one for each kiddo and get one extra pant for each. That way, I have a total of 3 pants/kid and hopefully that will be enough to get me into the swing of things. Some is better than none, right?

Here is the link to their site if anyone is interested or curious:

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