28 October, 2007

Less than 80 Days. . .

One more week down!! This week I have felt pretty good. The Bean has settled down some, I think she is getting more crowded as the days go on. We go back to the Dr. tomorrow, just for a routine checkup, probably 3rd Trimester labs and possibly my 1 hr glucose tolerance test.
And then 2 more weeks until another appointment, when we get to have our ultrasound.
Feeling much better at work this week. My sciatic nerve did not act up as badly, I don't know if this is because I made an effort to NOT do as much (sit when possible, etc) or if it was just going to get better. Hopefully it will stay that way.
We went back to IL this weekend for my brother-in-law's birthday and then today my uncle had a Tucker side fish fry. It was really nice to see everyone together! Also, I have decided that figuring out how to travel with a Chihuahua and a new baby is going to be a challenge! And, that we are going to have to find a place for her while we are in the hospital (duh! Why did I not think of this earlier??)
So we will see how it goes. At this point, it is all about a week at a time!

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