12 October, 2007

What a week!!

It all started on Monday when I had to go to work. I had not been expecting to go to work, I really thought I was OFF!! So that made for a long day.
And, we found out that one of the girls we work with had her baby. The baby is beautiful and healthy, but she has Downs syndrome. They were very surprised. So they have quite the road ahead of them.

Then Tuesday, as I was getting ready for work, I looked at my calender. Lo and behold, it says I am OFF!! I called work to make sure, and the charge RN say, "you are on the schedule". So, in to work I go. Most of the day was OK, pretty steady, but not overwhelming. At 10:55PM, 5 min before the end of my shift, my patient stops breathing and loses his heart rate. We worked on him for over 1.5 hours, and did not get him back. It was awful. And to think now, if I would have just stayed home. . . but things happen for a reason I guess. So I did not get home until almost 3 AM. And then I just fell into bed and passed out.
Oh and Andrea called me. She and Jon have postponed the wedding for now. Things are just not working out like they thought they would.

Wed. I woke up and did not know if I was gong to be able to get out of bed! My body hurt SO bad all over. Muscles I did not even know I had were sore, sore, sore! I am sure the physical and emotional stress of what happened Tuesday was not good for me.
My friend and neighbor Carla told me that they are pregnant again! Yea! She does not know her due date, and she had quite a bit of complications with her daughter who is almost 2, so they will be watching her pretty closely. She brought over our baby gift, it was the only toy we registered for and the breast pad holder for the diaper bag, and a couple of other things. YEA! We went out out to lunch and then to the outlet mall in Edinburgh. It was nice afternoon, got my mind off the night before.

Thursday, I woke up to go to work as usual. Turned on my phone and there was a message from Jeremy. My purse was in his Jeep!! With my car keys. Uhg!! And he had meetings all day, and could not come home. So, Carla and Jeff to the rescue again! I was able to drive Jeff's truck to work and then one of the girls from work brought me home. Thanks Alisha! Now I just need to find out how much it is to get another key made, I figure it will be expensive since they all have chips in them now. . .but I think it will be worth it to have an extra. I am sure this is not the last time this will happen!

And today is Friday!! Dr's appointment this afternoon, along with colposcopy and 1 hour glucose tolerance test. We will see if I pass. . .the way the week has been going it is not looking good. They should schedule our next u/s today, so that will be something to look forward to!
I will let you know how next week turns out. . .it just has to get better!!

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