20 October, 2007

Week 27--almost done!

This week has felt kind of long. I have started to get tired and work is getting a little difficult. Like my left leg/foot went numb about 6-7 hours into my shift on Thrusday. Uhg. That makes it a little hard to get around myself, let alone move patients and things. . .and we had 2 traumas back to back with nowhere to put the 2nd one. Whew! But, I figure I have felt really good the entire time up until now, so I am about due to feel a little bad!!
What did I do today? Went to Goodwill and found wool sweaters to cut up for the Bean some diaper covers! Then I came home and made some guacamole soup (mmmmm) and sewed up some soakers and a couple pairs of longies. I still had enough left from one sweater for another NB size soaker, but I did not have anything left for the trim or leg gathers. So, I will have to find a matching sweater and finish that one soon!
For thoes of you who don't know, wool is a wonderfully waterproof fabric, yet breathable too. Soakers are covers that you put over fitted diapers or pinned prefold diapers to keep the wet in. Longies are the same thing, but as you guessed, they are more like pants. OK enough talk, here

is what I did!
Before: 2 sweaters:
After: 2 soakers (small on left, NB on right) and 2 pairs of longies (both newborn-ish).Yea!

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