15 October, 2007

Today is Blog Action Day. . .

And the topic is the environment.
So. . . what do we do (Jeremy and I) to try to help the environment??
Probaby not enough! We are going to cloth diaper our baby. We are excited about this. Disposable diapers make quite the impact on the environment, not to mention our pocketbook! They take up space in landfills, and release chemicals into the environment over the years and years it takes them to degrade. Also, cloth is more comfortable for our baby and she will have less rashes and will potty train quicker!
If you would like more info about cloth diapers, check out www.mtdiaperstore.com and http://www.sunshinediapers.com/cloth-diaper-university/. Cloth dipes of today are nothing like that plastic pants and flat diapers that our mothers used (although they are still popular, there are a BUNCH of other choices out there!).

Greenwood has free curbside recycling. We recycle all our plastic, glass, cans and newspaper. I also take all our cardboard to the library where they have a cardboard recycling dumpster. It probably does not seem like much, but if everyone would give a little bit and do what they can, then it will all add up to somthing big!

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Moore Family said...

You rock! Cloth diapering is so much fun and it sounds like you already have quite the stash.
(Just wait until after your babe gets here, I bet you'll find more cute things to buy!)